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Together, we can create access to opportunities for a better quality of life and help erase the learning gap in the hardest-to-reach neighbourhoods.

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The Challenge

Today, Nigeria has one of the highest rates of educational exclusion in the world, with a huge proportion of children and youth not attending school. The educational opportunity gap that separates Nigeria from the rest of the globe is more than just enrolment. It is also about learning. People are denied the chance to reach their full potential and escape poverty, insecurity, unemployment, and climate change problems because they lack learning opportunities and platforms.

ATLAS Initiative is a nonprofit organization that promotes lifelong learning by creating access to platforms for sustainable development.

Want To Get Involved?

Send a Child Back to School

Send a Child Back to School

Over 10 million children are still out of school in Nigeria. Support us to help a child get access to quality education. With your little donation, you can help keep a child off the streets

Be a Priceless Volunteer

Be a Priceless Volunteer

The act of being a volunteer has tremendous advantages especially as a young leader as it helps in developing your mindset on providing services to humanity.

Our Approach

While access to knowledge and skills for all learners in low-income communities is daunting, there is also an excellent opportunity to bridge the knowledge and skill gap in the most remote African communities. By working together with communities, we can help them gain access to formal and non-formal learning and support them as they move from illiteracy to contributing to global sustainable development. Together, we can close the knowledge and skill gap among rural learners and their families, enabling them to build the abilities they need to live sustainably and advance sustainable development.

Our Story

Access to learning and school was inspired by a back-to-school drive championed by Habeeb Balogun, a volunteer in a small community in Ikorodu who had tracked, fundraised and enrolled thirty (30) children back to school.

Our Model

The ATLAS model emphasizes education for sustainability and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, peace and nonviolence, global citizenship, and cultural variety and contributes to sustainable development.

Our Mission

Access to Learning and School initiatives mission is to promote accessible lifelong learning opportunities through Global Active Citizenship, Volunteering, knowledge sharing and innovative use of Information communication technology (ICT).

How We Work


We increase access to learning platforms for all, particularly the girl child, ethnic minorities and vulnerable/marginalized people create accessible learning opportunities that everyone embraces


We create platforms to identify, nurture and harness business opportunities for all particularly poor and vulnerable people in marginalized communities


To promote environmental literacy and build the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills to drive eco-innovation

Civic Participation

We mobilize active Global citizens to reduce inequality and support sustainable development in marginalized communities through volunteering

Our Partners

I learned both soft and vocational skills such as management skills, Leadership skills etc and Baking which I love most. I now make use of the skill and it brings me incomeĀ 


ELiTE Project Beneficiary

I have enjoyed every bit of my volunteering experience with ATLAS. Thanks to their trainings and interventions, I’ve been able to learn a lot and also got the opportunity to help those in need.



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