Access to Learning and School (ATLAS) initiative is a social enterprise that seeks to address issues of inequalities in access to education and learning particularly in marginalized communities.

ATLAS was inspired by a “back to school” innovation championed by Jacob Henry; a volunteer in a small community in Ikorodu, Lagos. Jacob had tracked, fundraised and enrolled thirty (30) children back to school. His effort sparked a sense of obligation among his peers and friends leading to an ambitious campaign to enroll out of school children in school in form of a Global Social Change Movement with regards to learning.

The Social Enterprise is based in Nigeria with volunteers working in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States. This is because , We believe that ,the development of any society across the globe relies on the knowledge, experiences, skills and attributes of global expertise. The more enriching and diverse the educational experiences provided by ATLAS, the more enriched the individual becomes. Therefore, providing access and opportunities to basic quality education is the first step towards creating a more rounded society.

Access to Learning and School (ATLAS) initiative’s mission is to promote accessible and continuous learning opportunities across all life stages through the creation of a pool of resources from individual, communities and organizations involved in Global Active Citizenship, volunteering,and knowledge sharing. To accomplish this task, ATLAS initiative adopts these approaches.

  • With the Government: ATLAS seeks to strengthen government systems and advocate for reforms to ensure that every child’s right to free and compulsory basic education (as captured in the Universal Basic Education Act 2004) is enforced.
  • To the Schools:  ATLAS recognizes that teaching is the core of the learning crises in Africa. Hence, the organization seeks to equip public school teachers with requisite skillsets for children to gain the foundational skills needed to realize their full potentials. In furtherance of this, new teaching and learning techniques through the use of ICT made available.
  • For Everyone: ATLAS provide every one of every age access to opportunities for formal and non-formal learning and sharing of life skills for continuous personal and professional development.  

Our Vision

An improved world where lifelong learning is accessible and embraced by everyone

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Quality Education


Lifelong Learning

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