Community Engagement

Community Engagement

As our Culture,  we practice seasoned engagement ranging  from our sitting position to our feedback sessions and to energizer.

We understand that for an effective development and general result in our work,  engaging ourselves first and the community we serve is key and fundamental.

Community engagement is about involving the people you serve, not just as beneficiaries of your projects  but as partners in accomplishing your mission – Hillary Binder-Aviles, independent  NGO Consultant .

When people are actively engaged in efforts to improve their own lives and their neighbor’s lives,  they  become more aware of issues and committed to solving them.  They also learn new skills and gain confidence in their ability to effect change; Engagement is Empowerment .

With engagement comes the 21st century skills (Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration and Cross-cultural competence) which we believe is paramount for youth participation in governance,  self development and Community development .

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