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2 Oct


The act of being a volunteer has tremendous advantage especially on a leader as it helps in developing his/her mindset on providing services to humanity. Being a volunteer doesn’t always mean assisting financially, it could come in various forms like health volunteer, human service development, giving out one’s self to teach and enlighten people on different topics and subject matters.

One can also be a volunteer online, making use of different social media platforms for the sole aim of enlightening, educating and entertaining it’s viewers across the globe on the various content he/she has to offer to the society and community of people online.

The act of volunteering helps sharpen a leader’s ideology and some of the advantages of such free will services and non profit sacrifice are;

  1. HELPS YOU GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: The moment one dedicates his/her time, energy, attention and financial strength into voluntarily work, they have also sacrificed leaving their comfort zone to wherever it is that their attention and service is needed. Hence as a leader, this makes you adapt to frequent changing of environment when the need arises. This is also one of the most important parts about being a volunteer as it gives one an edge over others who are afraid of leaving their comfort zone and taking risk.
  2. CHALLENGES ONESELF TO WORK: This is a very crucial point in every leader’s life as they are just not leaders, they’re called to serve too. To be a follower and in acquiring this, they have to work, both working for themselves, either working on themselves or working for others as they should always be ready to serve.
  3. IT MAKES ONE PASSIONATE ABOUT GIVING: Since voluntarily work is mostly about giving out to people. Either financially, intellectually, mentally, psychologically or otherwise, a leader will have this burning desire and zeal to always be ready to give out, even to their own detriment as they have already been acquainted with such lifestyle of giving. It could be online on social media platforms, talking to a large audience.
  4. BUILDING A NETWORK; As a leader, the act of bringing out a cent in one’s time to assist people can create a massive room of awareness on who you really is and in such help build your community of both online and offline friends whom in later years might turn out to be a perfect replica of your answered prayers to any issue in your life. Building a social network isn’t and shouldn’t only be limited to a specific set of people. It ought to be made despite the gender, race or whatever characteristics is given as one can’t tell where his/her deeds, good deeds preferably is leading to or who is secretly admiring them.
  5. USE THE CHANCE, WRITE DOWN YOUR EXPERIENCE; For those involved in voluntarily service, every day is a story and a new experience which ought to be written down in the memory of time. This is the last point that volunteering helps in developing one’s leadership skill. When you go into a new environment or takes up a new challenge, it is important to note down crucial observations from your personal point of view from every outing, people’s reaction inclusively as this helps build the momentum in which leaders exhibit their human management skills.

Finally, as a leader, some of these skills are essential as it helps build them and makes them easy to adapt to any changes that may take place in people’s life. The aforementioned ways are some of the way volunteering service can help a leader develop some of the essential skills.

Click here to volunteer with ATLAS Initiative today and challenge yourself to change the world around you.

18 Aug

Volunteer With ATLAS Initiative

Do you have the tenacity and grit to lead a virtual team of volunteers on rigorous development and enterprise projects?

ATLAS Citizen Volunteer Team Leader

Applications are open for the ATLAS Citizen Volunteer Team Leaders Program. The Team Leader role is designed for creative and exceptional ethical leaders in civic engagement and social entrepreneurship who are willing to volunteer as team leaders on a six-month volunteering program for young people.

As a team leader, you will work in pairs to support youth volunteers on the ATLAS Citizen Program. This demanding role requires young thought leaders to stretch themselves and build exceptional management skills from hands-on experience. This program intends to generate impact in these areas:

  1. Facilitate the volunteer’s own personal, professional, and social development by developing skills, knowledge, and understanding relevant to digital disruptions
  2. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities in targeted communities.
  3. Build volunteers’ abilities to understand ethical civic leadership, social entrepreneurship, and active citizenship
  4. Fundraise to support ATLAS Initiative’s interventions in poor and marginalized communities


  • Must reside in Lagos State and be willing to commute to Ikorodu for field activities once a week
  • Stable access to the internet and a computer
  • Excellent fundraising skills
  • Conversant with hosting meetings and stimulating conversations on social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram)
  • Tech-savvy and creative: be comfortable using social media and create information in exciting formats to engage young people. Be able to adapt the information to suit the purpose of the group. Be able to deliver information and produce content of interest such as photos, short posts, and videos. Content generated should be interesting, educational and inspire social action.
  • Natural storyteller: be able to share content that will be engaging for users
  • Personable: Have a social, agreeable, and friendly disposition and be willing to engage volunteers and share content in a nice way
  • Authentic: being ethical in every engagement and uphold the values of ATLAS Initiative in both internal and external interactions
26 Mar

Accelerating Economic Growth with Skills Development

For many, 2020 was an eventful year thanks to its biggest export – the COVID-19 pandemic. To contain the spread of the deadly virus, governments across the globe introduced national lockdowns. Social events were banned, shops and malls closed, human activities crippled, everyone was confined to their homes. The pandemic has since changed our world.

To say the pandemic – which we currently battle – affected human existence is to state the obvious. Owing to this attendant effects on the global economy, many (mostly young people) have been left jobless or without a means of income thereby rendering them vulnerable to every available means to eke a living. An idle mind, they say, is the devil’s workshop. More than ever, as the globe recovers from the blows of COVID-19, the need for positive youth engagement is important. Young people, without doubt, have a huge role to play in national development and growth of our world, at large.

As an intervention, Access To Learning And School Initiative (ATLAS Initiative) in partnership with Pivot Consult, introduces ACCELERATE Vocational Skills Training Program, a paid opportunity, available for youths and adults who are 15 years and older. With courses in Fashion Design, Catering and Confectionery, ICT, Photography & Business Development, this training intends to equip the youth with skills that would enable them to gain confidence in their ability to eradicate poverty by building prosperity.

This program is indeed imperative and timely considering the struggling economic situations of the country as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as, the fact that it addresses the Sustainable Development Goals 1 (No Poverty), 4 (Quality Education & Lifelong learning), 8 (Decent Work & Economic Growth), 10 (Reduced Inequalities) and 17 (Partnership for the goals). Not only that, it seeks to bring young and old people together to make a difference in their own lives and places where change is most needed through sharing of knowledge and experience with one another.

Follow this link to enroll for the ACCELERATE Program

At ATLAS Initiative, we work with volunteers to promote access to life-long learning opportunities in developing countries. To this end, engaging young people in social action to ensure quality education and advance lifelong learning opportunities for everyone, is an essential part of this project.

3 Feb
2 Jun

ATLAS donates wheelchair

When Kehinde Fatai woke up yesterday, it must have seemed like another regular day. The wonderful and vibrant 11 year old twin lives with her parents and siblings in Sangotedo, a community in Ajah, Lagos State. Kehinde has lived with a physical disability since birth. This hindered her access to formal education. While her peers and siblings rushed to school every morning before the outbreak of COVID-19, the young Kehinde stayed at home in this natural confinement since her struggling parents can’t afford to send her to a school for children with special needs.

Sometime ago, one of our volunteers, Stella Akingboye, who is located at Ajah identified Kehinde, noticed her physical disability realizing how it had deprived her of benefits that life has to offer. Stella shared this compelling story with the team and we reached out to Kehinde, and promised to get her a wheelchair and the education she deserves.

We fulfilled part of that promise yesterday, with a surprise visit to Kehinde’s family. You can imagine her excitement! Of course, given how much we love learning, we gifted some books from our library for the kids to read and improve their literacy. We, also gave some foodstuffs and hand hygiene supplies to her family.

Kehinde’s story is just one, out of many. This is our little way of bringing a smile to a child’s face to celebrate this year’s children’s day. Many thanks to all our donors for making this possible.

Please support a child like Kehinde today through ATLAS Initiative. Visit to find out how.

21 Feb

Child Bullying – It’s Effects and Lasting Solutions

Bullying is an act perpetrated by one or more individuals, who intentionally cause fear, harm or intimidation to others.

It’s a disturbing fact that children all over the world are being bullied on a daily basis, but it’s even more disturbing when you find out that your child is being bullied. Most bullying occurs at school where children come together every day, making it almost unavoidable.


Children who are being bullied usually keep this problem to themselves, because they think that telling a teacher or a parent could result in a dilemma which could fuel up the bullying. They become quiet and withdraw from participation, and sometimes display anger tantrums or show signs of bullying their younger siblings at home.


Child Bullying is also one of the key reasons kids stay out of school regardless of their parents being able to afford to send them to school, many kids do not want to go to school because of this issue. Bullying has a negative impact on child’s performance in school. They become timid and are shy to ask questions in class relating to their studies.


Parents are usually the last to know if their child is being bullied, so it’s essential for them to look out for signs. So what would you do if you find that your child is being bullied? Confront the bully? Confront the bully’s parents? Confront the teacher for doing nothing? Report the problem to your child’s school?


Firstly, consider your child’s feelings. If they are willing to talk to you about the problem, then try to work through a lasting solution with them. Remember, it is your child who is the victim so let them know that you will support them in their decision. It might be that your child is being bullied by several other children and any rash decisions taken by you could make matters worse.

If matters do get worse you might have to consider removing your child from the school, but that’s no guarantee that a similar problem won’t occur in another school. Hence the need to find a lasting solution. Another point to consider is the level of bullying. It may well start with verbal abuse leading to psychological torment and eventually result in physical violence.


If you speculate that your child is being bulled, it can lead to a real dilemma, and as a responsible parent, you have to make the right decision based on the facts. But there is also one other option that might just outweigh all the others, and that’s to make your child “bully-proof”.


Bullies tend to pick on kids who they consider to be weaker than them, or have a disability or are timid or are not able to fight back. They use fear to dominate their victims. If you could teach your child to face up to the bully and to defend them self, even physically if they have to, then the bully will no doubt find another, easier victim to pick on.


You should also consider building your child’s confidence, feeling confident in one’s self is a sure way to face any dilemma. Ensure your child’s self-confidence is worked on so that they wouldn’t be shy to talk or express themselves outside.

Happy New Year

Looking back at the year 2017 ,  we reflect on our achievements , challenges and of course – our apex moments on the field.

Is been nothing but impeccable and priceless gift to mankind at this very age when selfless,  unconditional and steady love to one another is medicine to many troubled souls.

As passionate volunteers we are proud that we made every moment count and accounted for. We are thankful that good health of body and mind is our greatest reward for our little contributions to our society,  country and mankind.

We say  thank you to everyone that encouraged and supported us in this journey thus far and we hope we were able to convince the skeptics that volunteering is the best definition of life and how it should be lived.

Is another year but still the same vision to achieve an improved world where lifelong learning is accessible and embraced by everyone

We believe that the best is yet to come,  as the year 2018 reassures us of many possibilities, opportunities and time frame to be our true selves through volunteering .

Happy New Year !

Community Engagement

As our Culture,  we practice seasoned engagement ranging  from our sitting position to our feedback sessions and to energizer.

We understand that for an effective development and general result in our work,  engaging ourselves first and the community we serve is key and fundamental.

Community engagement is about involving the people you serve, not just as beneficiaries of your projects  but as partners in accomplishing your mission – Hillary Binder-Aviles, independent  NGO Consultant .

When people are actively engaged in efforts to improve their own lives and their neighbor’s lives,  they  become more aware of issues and committed to solving them.  They also learn new skills and gain confidence in their ability to effect change; Engagement is Empowerment .

With engagement comes the 21st century skills (Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration and Cross-cultural competence) which we believe is paramount for youth participation in governance,  self development and Community development .

24 Dec

Volunteer Mindset

We’ve come to understand over the years the power of mindset and of course what we can do with  such power .

Hence,  it is eminent for us to have the right  mindset as a prerequisite to achieving our goals.

Our mindset then is “thinking globally ” which have given birth to numerous and continuous results that we take pride in.

The Mind of a Volunteer is key to collabration,  communication,  critical thinking,  creativity, and crosscultural competence.  The importance is one that brings the best out of our team and makes sustainability fun and appetising .

We encourage our team members to practice discipline,  and to live their life appreciating hard work and most importantly commitment .

The Mind of any Volunteer can build a nation or destroy her.

27 Nov

Orange The World

Women across the world are subjected to physical, sexual, psychological , and economic violence , regardless of their income , age or education.  Such violence can lead to long-term physical, mental and emotional health problems. Around one third of women worldwide have experienced physical and /or sexual violence by an intimate partner or by a non- partner at some point in their lives –  World Women 2015 (UN) .  About 62% of Nigerian women  have experienced domestic violence more than once but have to cover it up,  sometimes out of shame or traditional shenanigans. It is a big problem and one that have to be addressed before it becomes a culture.

We understand the power of voice,  hence we stand together with Arise Nigerian Women Foundation, Community women’s Right foundation, and Humanity Family Foundation For Peace and Development (Huffped) to sign a petition against violence to women, the very mothers of our next generation and the complete element of creation.

Our women are not Punching Bags and neither are they less than man. They are strong and patient which they’ve continued  to show while  pregnant and during childbirth and most importantly in keeping a home .