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4 Nov


Looking back at the year 2017 ,  we reflect on our achievements , challenges and of course – our apex moments at space meetings.

Is been nothing but impeccable and priceless gift to mankind at this very age when selfless,  unconditional and steady love to one another is medicine to many troubled souls.

As passionate volunteers we are proud that we made every moment count and accounted for. We are thankful that good health of body and mind is our greatest reward for our little contributions to our society,  country and mankind.

We say  thank you to everyone that encouraged and supported us in this journey thus far and we hope we were able to convince the skeptics that volunteering is the best definition of life and how it should be lived.

Is another year but still the same vision of fight against poverty, illiteracy,  abuse, moral decadence and most importantly  exclusion.

We believe that the best is yet to come,  as the year 2018 reassures us of many possibilities, opportunities and time frame to be our true life through volunteering .

Happy New Year !