Tech Week 1.0



As the world is changing on geometrical rate in sciences and technology especially in ICT, the nation must move along with the change. ATLAS Tech-Week as the name implies is a week-long ICT workshop which aims to expose students to the continuously expanding field of technology and how it cuts across various career paths and equip students with the fundamental knowledge of the use ICT tools to tackle problems and proffer innovative solutions. ICT as a practical subject deals with the ability to make use of software for problem solving. It requires the acquisition of a number of ICT skills, e.g. analysing the problem, designing a model, understanding the functions and the overall principles of the software, implementing the right sequence of software instructions for problem solving, creating associations in the students’ language, transferring previously acquired skills to the software, etc.

Tech week will be held in the school premises where students can learn in the comfort of their classrooms and with the supervision of their School Authorities. The training is an opportunity for students to have hands-on practical knowledge of technology and its implementation. At ATLAS we believe that all students should be exposed to the use of ICT tools in implementation of solutions using these tools starting from their early ages. That is why Tech-Week is focused on bringing together, professionals in the field of ICT and volunteers who recognise and are motivated by the growing need for students in junior secondary school who are still at the emergence of their studies to be equipped with enough knowledge to help them make better decisions in choosing the right career paths for themselves.


 The general goal of Tech-Week in secondary schools is to enhance our children’s creativity and ability to think qualitatively by engaging them with hands-on teamwork activities. This approach will help prepare them for a successful future where they are at par with their peers on a global level.

Objectives of TECH-WEEK 1.0

Tech-Week 1.0 will focus on exposing the children to the implementation of ICT through basic Web Programming. Exposing students to programming at a young age will help them develop skills that will permit them at the end of their studies to be self-employed and easily integrated into the working population. However, all students don’t have to be computer programmers to benefit from knowing how to code. In fact, computer science and technology currently influence majority of professions, be it medicine, law, education, farming, political science, business management, engineering or marketing. 

With the knowledge gained from the workshop, students should be able to:

  • identify and make use of appropriate Information and Communication technology tools solve a given problem;
  • improve on their logical thinking, processing and communication of information;
  • understand basic web programming using HTML 5 canvas;
  • render dynamic bitmap graphics on the fly, such as graphs or games;
  • explore their creativity in showcasing a mini project after the workshop;
  • collaborate and share ideas with one another as a team;
  • create a webpage that can display information; and
  • be literate in technology in order to be competitive in the future job market.


Carefully fill out the contact details of your school and we’ll get back to you to schedule a suitable date.