The act of being a volunteer has tremendous advantage especially on a leader as it helps in developing his/her mindset on providing services to humanity. Being a volunteer doesn’t always mean assisting financially, it could come in various forms like health volunteer, human service development, giving out one’s self to teach and enlighten people on different topics and subject matters.

One can also be a volunteer online, making use of different social media platforms for the sole aim of enlightening, educating and entertaining it’s viewers across the globe on the various content he/she has to offer to the society and community of people online.

The act of volunteering helps sharpen a leader’s ideology and some of the advantages of such free will services and non profit sacrifice are;

  1. HELPS YOU GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: The moment one dedicates his/her time, energy, attention and financial strength into voluntarily work, they have also sacrificed leaving their comfort zone to wherever it is that their attention and service is needed. Hence as a leader, this makes you adapt to frequent changing of environment when the need arises. This is also one of the most important parts about being a volunteer as it gives one an edge over others who are afraid of leaving their comfort zone and taking risk.
  2. CHALLENGES ONESELF TO WORK: This is a very crucial point in every leader’s life as they are just not leaders, they’re called to serve too. To be a follower and in acquiring this, they have to work, both working for themselves, either working on themselves or working for others as they should always be ready to serve.
  3. IT MAKES ONE PASSIONATE ABOUT GIVING: Since voluntarily work is mostly about giving out to people. Either financially, intellectually, mentally, psychologically or otherwise, a leader will have this burning desire and zeal to always be ready to give out, even to their own detriment as they have already been acquainted with such lifestyle of giving. It could be online on social media platforms, talking to a large audience.
  4. BUILDING A NETWORK; As a leader, the act of bringing out a cent in one’s time to assist people can create a massive room of awareness on who you really is and in such help build your community of both online and offline friends whom in later years might turn out to be a perfect replica of your answered prayers to any issue in your life. Building a social network isn’t and shouldn’t only be limited to a specific set of people. It ought to be made despite the gender, race or whatever characteristics is given as one can’t tell where his/her deeds, good deeds preferably is leading to or who is secretly admiring them.
  5. USE THE CHANCE, WRITE DOWN YOUR EXPERIENCE; For those involved in voluntarily service, every day is a story and a new experience which ought to be written down in the memory of time. This is the last point that volunteering helps in developing one’s leadership skill. When you go into a new environment or takes up a new challenge, it is important to note down crucial observations from your personal point of view from every outing, people’s reaction inclusively as this helps build the momentum in which leaders exhibit their human management skills.

Finally, as a leader, some of these skills are essential as it helps build them and makes them easy to adapt to any changes that may take place in people’s life. The aforementioned ways are some of the way volunteering service can help a leader develop some of the essential skills.

Click here to volunteer with ATLAS Initiative today and challenge yourself to change the world around you.

Volunteer With ATLAS Initiative

Do you have the tenacity and grit to lead a virtual team of volunteers on rigorous development and enterprise projects?

Applications are open for the ATLAS Citizen Volunteer Team Leaders Program. The Team Leader role is designed for creative and exceptional ethical leaders in civic engagement and social entrepreneurship who are willing to volunteer as team leaders on a six-month volunteering program for young people.

As a team leader, you will work in pairs to support youth volunteers on the ATLAS Citizen Program. This demanding role requires young thought leaders to stretch themselves and build exceptional management skills from hands-on experience. This program intends to generate impact in these areas:

  1. Facilitate the volunteer’s own personal, professional, and social development by developing skills, knowledge, and understanding relevant to digital disruptions
  2. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities in targeted communities.
  3. Build volunteers’ abilities to understand ethical civic leadership, social entrepreneurship, and active citizenship
  4. Fundraise to support ATLAS Initiative’s interventions in poor and marginalized communities


  • Must reside in Lagos State and be willing to commute to Ikorodu for field activities once a week
  • Stable access to the internet and a computer
  • Excellent fundraising skills
  • Conversant with hosting meetings and stimulating conversations on social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram)
  • Tech-savvy and creative: be comfortable using social media and create information in exciting formats to engage young people. Be able to adapt the information to suit the purpose of the group. Be able to deliver information and produce content of interest such as photos, short posts, and videos. Content generated should be interesting, educational and inspire social action.
  • Natural storyteller: be able to share content that will be engaging for users
  • Personable: Have a social, agreeable, and friendly disposition and be willing to engage volunteers and share content in a nice way
  • Authentic: being ethical in every engagement and uphold the values of ATLAS Initiative in both internal and external interactions
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